Set Automated Drips for PT Leads

Set up automated emails and texts plus an automated call reminder schedule for PT Leads on specific days based on the status of their PT Sales Appointment.

Example: Let's say you create a PT Lead for every new member that joins. That PT Lead starts in a Life Cycle group called No Appt and stays in this group until they are booked into a PT Sales Appt. Use the No Appt group to send emails and texts and set reminder calls to get that new member booked into a PT Sales Appt. Once booked, they move to the Appt Booked group, and so on. 

PT Life Cycle Groups

When you go to Communications in Drive (under the Admin menu), select the Drip section and then select PT Lead on the left. Here you'll see the the various Life Cycle options. Select the Life Cycle group and then New Drip in the top right.


  • No Appointment: This includes any interested PT Lead that does not have a PT Sales Appointment scheduled or completed. It also includes any PT Leads that may have had an appointment scheduled, but cancelled it prior to the day of the appointment.
  • Appointment Booked: This includes any interested PT Lead that has an open PT Sales Appointment scheduled.
  • Appointment Completed: This includes any interested PT Lead that has completed a PT Sales Appt, but has not purchased PT (i.e. has not been marked as a PT Client)
  • Appointment Cancelled/No Show: This includes any interested PT Lead that had a PT Sales Appt that was either marked as a No Show or was Cancelled on the day of the appt.
    • Did you know that you can have your InTouch auto-cancel any open PT Sales Appts each night? Check out the Auto-close overdue PT Sales Appointments section below

Auto-close overdue PT Sales Appointments

To take advantage of the Cancelled/No Show appointment group as soon after the scheduled appointment as possible, we recommend enabling the new "Auto-close overdue PT Sales Appointments" setting. When enabled, this setting will automatically cancel any PT Sales Appointment that is still left as open at the end of the day and automatically move that PT Lead into the Cancelled/No Show group. 


To enable this setting:

  1. Select Club from the Admin menu
  2. Select Club Settings section
  3. Select Appointment Settings on the left
  4. Find the applicable Club Name on the right
  5. Enable the toggle labeled 'Auto-close overdue PT Sales Appointments'
  6. Select Update
  7. Select any additional clubs in which you'd like to apply this same setting
  8. Select Update