Contact Properties: Lead Sources

All leads, whether added manually by staff or through an integration, have a Lead Source. Lead Sources represent your advertising campaigns and should answer the question "How did you hear about us?".

To access Lead Sources

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Select Contact Properties from the Admin menu
  3. Select the Lead Sources section
  4. Select the Club in which you'd like to view (Sources can viewed one club at a time, but you can edit/save to multiple).


To add a New Lead Source

  1. Select the New Lead Source button on the left hand side
  2. Enter in the Name as you want it to appear in the dropdown list for staff
  3. The Sort Order number determines where in the list this reason will show up. All items with the same sort order number will appear in alphabetical order. The higher the number, the further down the list this reason will appear. The most common option is to leave all at 0.
  4. Set the Status to 'Show' for staff to be able to see and select this as a reason (Hide is essentially de-activating a source)
  5. For clubs with Kiosks: If you want this new Source to be listed as an option on your kiosk for "How did you hear about us?", keep "Show on Kiosk?" checked
  6. Link to Contact Method (CM): The most common option is to select All, but you can select specific CMs for filtering if you have a long list of sources. This won't prevent a Lead Source from being associated to a different CM, but is rather designed to be a filter to narrow down sources listed when a CM is selected first
  7. Save
  8. Select any additional clubs for which you would also like to also add this source
  9. Save

To Edit or Delete a Lead Source

  • To edit a Lead Source, find the listed source and select the Edit button to make changes. Only sources that can be changed will have an Edit button. 
    • Note: If you rename a source, it will also re-name the source on any existing record that uses it. For example, if you rename 'Radio' to 'Billboard', all contacts with the source Radio will now have the source Billboard and be counted in your reports for Billboard and not Radio.
  • To delete a Lead Source, find the listed source and select the Delete button. Only sources that have no contacts associated with it can be deleted. If you don't want staff to be able to select this source any more, select Edit and change the Status to Hide instead.

Show on Kiosk?

This option controls the answers to the 'How did you hear about us' question on the InTouch Kiosk module. The Member Referral source will always appear on the kiosk, but all other sources can be managed using this checkbox.


This is the unique code to identify this source and is often used in integration such as Zapier and some web form setups. Using the identifier in those integrations allows you to adjust the source name as needed without having to adjust your integration setups.

System Lead Sources

System Lead Sources are linked to various features within the InTouch application and therefore can't be changed. These include Member Referral, POS Referral, Member, Lead Referral, Web Site, etc. Each System source is noted as such within the Lead Sources section of your site.

Ideas for Custom Lead Sources

  • Drove By
  • Signage
  • Radio
  • Social Media
  • Internet Search
  • Any special promotions you want to be able to report on