Contact Properties: Custom Fields

Use Custom fields under each membership lead’s Product section. For example, use Custom Fields to collect UTM parameters for each of your web leads to track the success of your marketing campaigns.

To Add or Edit Custom Fields

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Select Admin
  3. Select Contact Properties
  4. Select Custom Fields
  5. Select New Custom Field to add a new field or Edit to edit your existing fields

To Use Custom Fields

Custom fields can be utilized in different ways. You might make them visible for staff to use for contacts (like Interests or Membership Type), or maybe hidden from staff and just used in reporting for your marketing team (like UTM parameters).

To access a Custom Field for a Contact

  1. Open the Contact Card
  2. Select the Product tab
  3. Select Custom Fields (at the bottom)
  4. Select View/Hide Custom Fields to set the fields in which you want to see and Save
  5. Now you enter or edit values (based on permission) for each field and Save

Custom Field Permissions

There are two permission settings for Custom Fields:

  1. Allow to edit custom field values: This determines whether the user will be allowed to edit the value of a Custom Field for a Contact (for Custom Fields that allow editing)
  2. Allow to set contact custom fields: This determines whether the user will be allowed to access (view) Custom Fields, and if so, who can Add/Edit Custom Field options for the club.