Drive V2.37.0 - Sep 02 2021

Drive Version 2.37.0 was scheduled for released on September 02, 2021

New or Improved Features and Functionality

Custom Fields

Clubs can now add Custom Fields for contacts. Custom fields were designed to support UTM parameters for marketing, but can be utilized to add any new type of field for contacts. Eg, clubs might add a custom field labeled Interests for staff to add in various lead interests such as yoga, cardio, etc.

Custom fields can be added/edited by admins under Admin > Contact Properties. (This ability is permission based).

Once added by admins, staff can access and use these fields within each contact under the Product > Custom fields section.

Custom field values will soon be available for export in the All Leads Status Report CSV (both single and multi-club versions) as well as added to the Filter options in all Email and Text Broadcasts.