Contact Properties: Not Interested Reasons

When marking a contact as Not Interested, staff are prompted to select a reason. Clubs have the ability to view, edit, add and hide these reasons that appear in the dropdown. Be sure to also see our and the Legacy Live Report on Not Interested Reasons.


To access Not Interested Reasons

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Select Contact Properties from the Admin menu
  3. Select the Not Interested Reasons section 
  4. Select the Club in which you'd like to view (Reason can viewed one club at a time, but you can edit/save to multiple)


Add a New Not Interested Reason

  1. Select New Not Interested Reason on the left hand side
  2. Enter in the Name as you want it to appear in the dropdown list for staff
  3. Enter a brief description (optional) to give staff some more detail about this reason
  4. The Sort Order number determines where in the list this reason will show up. All items with the same sort order number will appear in alphabetical order. The higher the number, the further down the list this reason will appear.
  5. Set the Status to 'Show' for staff to be able to see and select this as a reason
  6. Save

  7. Select any additional clubs in which you would also like to add this reason
  8. Save


Edit or Delete a Not Interested Reason

  • To edit a reason, find the listed reason and select the Edit button to make changes. Only reasons that can be changed will have an Edit button. 
  • To delete a reason, find the listed reason and select the Delete button. Only reasons that have no contacts associated with it can be deleted. If you don't want staff to be able to select this reason any more, select Edit and change the Status to Hide instead.

Ideas for Not Interested Reasons 

  • Cost
  • Inconvenient
  • Group Classes (Not enough, not the right one, not the times, etc)
  • Missing desired amenities
  • Purchased home equipment or apps
  • Other
  • Not Specified