Kiosk Hardware

What type of tablet do I need?

The kiosk module is just a web page. There is no app to download, so all you need is a device with a web browser (eg, Safari, Chrome, etc).

When choosing a device, consider your end user - your guests. A standard sized iPad or tablet is the most common device, though some choose to use a computer with a keyboard. It all comes down to your clientele and their comfort level with tablets vs keyboards.

Many clubs choose an iPad for it's simplicity and also various lock-down features. If choosing an iPad, the lowest model you can find should have everything you need. 

Do I need any other hardware?

Many clubs do like to mount their iPad or tablet to the front desk. This can help prevent an iPad from walking away or from being used for something other than intended purpose.

There are lots of places you can get mounting hardware. InTouch has in the past used the company Armor Active ( and was satisfied with their products and service. InTouch is not partnered or affiliated with this company and has not purchased hardware from them in several years. I.e., take this recommendation at your own risk. This is simply one of many resources that sells kiosk enclosures and mounts.