Send Birthday Emails

Send your leads and/or your members a special email on their birthday!



To set up a Birthday Email

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Go to the Admin menu and select Communications
  3. Select Other
  4. Select Birthday the left hand side
  5. Select Lead Birthday or Member Birthday at the top
  6. Find the email you wish to enable and click Edit
  7. Select any additional Clubs in which you'd like to send the same email
  8. Select a Template
  9. Select a From Name and From Email
  10. Enter your Subject Line
  11. Edit your email content
  12. Change the Status to Active. (This can also be done later by selecting the Status toggle on the main page).
  13. Select Save

Helpful Hints

  • Include a special birthday offer (free smoothie?) or a simple birthday wish
  • Remember to send yourself a Test Email