Email Attachments


All InTouch licenses include Converse (1:1 Email Messaging), but Converse+ is an add-on module. For more information, contact InTouch Sales.

Converse+ allows clubs to add email attachments to their Converse (1:1 Email) messages.

Permission settings allow you to determine which staff roles are allowed to send attachments.

To add an attachment

  1. Open the Contact Card for the person you want to message
  2. Select Email
  3. Select New Email
  4. Enter your Subject Line and Message Content
  5. Those with ability to add an attachment will have an Attachments label and Select Files button under the Content section. Select the Select Files button to find and select the file from your computer.
  6. Once a file has been attached, you should see the file name (and file size) under the Select Files button. Continue until you have added all desired attachments.
  7. Send

Automated Emails

Attachments cannot be added to any automated emails (drips, blasts, etc). This is a design decision as "bulk" mail that includes attachments are seen as spam by most email filters.

The accepted best practice for this is to instead include the attachment information in the body of the email or to store the document on your website and provide a link to the web location.