Appointment Alerts

Appointment alerts are email and text message options that can be triggered to send to contacts and staff regarding their appointments. There are two different types of appointment alerts: Appointment Notifications and Appointment Reminders. Opt-In Note: In the US, all SMS appointment alerts require the contact be subscribed (opted-in) to texting before the alert can be sent.

To Access Appointment Alerts

  1. Log into Drive
  2. Select Communications from the Admin menu
  3. Select the Alerts section
  4. Select Appointment Notifications on the left
  5. Select a type or status to view/edit each alert option

Appointment Notifications

These are the options labeled Appointment Booked, Appointment Rescheduled, Appointment No Show, and Appointment Cancelled. They are Email & SMS options for staff to send when booking, rescheduling, cancelling or marking an appointment as a No Show.

Select Edit to control the content of each notification (most sites will already have some standard content in there for you). Setting the status to Active allows staff to click a button to send the notification when actioning an appointment.

In addition, these options can be sent to not only the contact, but the appointment owner (e.g. front desk needs to cancel an orientation for someone and wants to alert the trainer).


Here is the content for my SMS option for Appointment Booking Alert for Contact which is set as Active:


Now any time a staff books an appointment (of any type), they will have the below option to send a notification:

When I selected the SMS option for Notify Appointment Attendee, my contact (Izzie) was automatically sent this text:


And by selecting the Email option for Notify Appointment Owner, the staff person (Cate) was automatically sent the Appointment Booking Alert for Owner:


Appointment Reminders

These are the options labeled Appointment Reminders. Here you'll see a list of all the Appointment Names (Event Types) in your club. This way you can decide for which types of appointments you want these to send and you can also adjust the content (so a Club Tour reminder can say something different than a Member Meeting).

These fully automated SMS text messages are sent at 3pm the day before the appointment (or within a few minutes if that 3pm deadline has already passed). 

Select Edit to view and edit any content and set the Status to Active for these reminders to automatically send to any text-subscribed contact with an upcoming appointment of that event type.



Here is the content for my Club Tour reminder which is set as Active:


I booked a Club Tour for Izzie later today. Since it's already past 3pm yesterday when the reminders send, the text sent right away. With these automated reminders, the staff person did not have to do anything other than book Izzie for a Club Tour.