Club Automation


InTouch sends lead data to Club Automation eliminating the need for double entry of data into Club Automation.

How does it work?

Each time you create or update a membership lead record in InTouch, it pushes that data to Club Automation immediately to create or update a Club Automation Guest.

What data transfers?

InTouch field name -> CA field name
  • First Name -> Name
  • Last Name -> Last Name
  • Mobile -> Cell phone
  • Home Phone -> Home phone
  • Work Phone -> Work phone
  • Email -> Email
  • Date of Birth -> Date of Birth
  • Gender -> Gender
  • Street -> Street address
  • City -> City
  • State -> State
  • Zip Code -> ZIP

How to get started

Contact InTouch Support with your name and your club name(s) if you are interested in adding this integration. We will first need to get a Daxko integration waiver signed by your club admin. This waiver will then be passed over to Daxko Support to get us the site information we'll need to get started.

If your InTouch site is currently integrated with a different CMS and you are moving to Club Automation, please connect with us prior to doing any data transfers and also be sure to let your CA rep know. To avoid duplicates in CA we can ask them to map the old CMS identifier to the new CA identifier, but they need to know what data to map before they do any transfers.