Drive V2.40.0 - Nov 8 2021

Drive Version 2.40.0 was released Nov 08, 2021


The search query has been updated to help improve search performance. To submit a search query, you can either click the Search button or simply click Enter/Return on your keyboard.


New mini-modal for Email

Sending an email from the Actions button under Contacts allows the user to more quickly send a Converse 1:1 email message using the new mini-modal or popup box option instead of opening and loading the full contact profile. The same merge field options found within the Contact modal allow for quick entry of information as well as ensuring accuracy of items such as club address and phone numbers. Simply double click on a merge field to add it into your content box. The field value will be inserted automatically when the email sends.



Block My Calendar

The Block My Calendar appointment type, a requested favorite from FollowUp, has been added into Drive. Users can now create an appointment, linked to no contact, using the appointment type Block My Calendar. This appointment type is commonly used to add events such as time blocks for lunch, staff meetings, outreach tasks, etc.



Add ability to remove selected guest within Add Appointment modal

Users can now more easily remove a selected contact from the Add Appointment modal if they selected the wrong person.


Add loading animation to the home screen

Added animation to the home screen when still loading so that it does not display a blank screen after login