Drive V2.42.0 - Dec 02 2021

Drive Version 2.42.0 was released Dec 02, 2021

New modal for Add Task

Creating a task is now easier to do with fewer steps or clicks using the Add Task button from the left side icon or from under the Contact Profile. The modal uses the same design as the Add Appointment modal for simplicity and continuity. Simply select the contact (all tasks do need to be associated with a contact), task type, due date and time, add some details and schedule... or if it's already been done and you just want to track the completed task, select Complete.

Image for Add Task


Bug Fixes

  • The Drop-In Workout Life Cycle filter under Contacts > Leads now properly pulls in the Drop-In Workouts.
    Image of Drop-In Workout Life Cycle
  • The Make Call mini-modal Call Owner list now displays owner options in alphabetical order by first name. The capitalization on the status options have also been corrected.
  • When adding/editing Staff, the validation on the City field has been removed to help remove various errors users were receiving when updating the City field.