Drive V2.45.0 - Feb 03 2022

Drive Version 2.45.0 was released Feb 03, 2022

Most of the items in this release are behind the scenes updates to improve overall application speed and performance. The UI facing items included are below.



  • The menu options (eg Log out) that were in the bottom left have been moved to the top right of the application under the name of the person logged in. The Logged In As XYZ link to the user's account details has also been replaced with a button style to make it more intuitive that it is clickable. Simply click on your name to access the menu options.2022-02-01_15-14-27.png

Bug Fixes

  • Email Image Storage: Only shows first 20 images uploaded. This issue was corrected for most browsers last release. This release corrects the issue for all supported browsers.
  • Users that were asked and agreed to subscribe to texting via the kiosk were still showing as showing as opt-in never sent. No text policies were breached; users subscribing via kiosk selection instead were sent an opt-in by text message either after filling out the kiosk or before any automated message was sent depending on default club settings for sending a text opt-in upon lead creation.