Text In To Win

What is Text In To Win?

Put simply, it's way to capture new leads by having them send a text message to your club's text number. When someone sends a text to your club's text number, the following happens:
  1. If the person's mobile number is listed in a lead or member's mobile number field, it acts like a regular incoming text message that's seen in your unread text notifications queue
  2. If the person's mobile number is listed in a staff account's mobile number field, basically nothing happens (it won't create a new lead because it knows you're a staff person)
  3. If the person's mobile number is not found to any lead, member or staff, it will create a new lead

How it works:

Ideally you want leads to text their first and last name to your Club's SMS Number. The text that they enter in the message will be added as a new lead's first and last name in InTouch and will be visible under Incoming Leads.


Automated Text Reply Option:

When a new lead sends in their text, they will sent the Text Opt-In request right away. If they reply START within 24 hours to opt in to text, you can have an automated text message send back to them. This text can be customized and enabled for you by InTouch Support.


Your Club's Text Number:

Club numbers are available for US and Canadian clubs only, and each individual US/CA InTouch site will texting ability will have a dedicated 10-digit text number. This number can be found under Admin > Club and is labeled as the SMS Number. (If no SMS Number is listed, contact InTouch Support)


FAQ & Ideas:

Here are a few creative ideas clubs have used:

Replace your lead boxes with a flyer

Lead boxes require a lot of time and staff effort; you need to drive around town to drop off boxes, pick up forms, and hopefully you can read their handwriting. Instead of having a lead box, have a flyer that tells someone to text their name to your club number. It's instant, you don't have to interpret someone's handwriting, and you get a valid mobile number.

What if I want incoming leads to be assigned to a specific sale staff? For example, staff goes an event. Any leads that text in from that event belong to that staff person.

You can get creative here with your process. One option is to assign each sales person a code (like 508) and tell the lead to text in the code along with their first and last name. For example, "Text your first and last name plus the promotional code 508 to 910-555-1234 to be entered in a drawing for a free month membership". What you'll see in InTouch is the name 'Joe Smith 508'. As a manager, you'll know to assign that 508 lead to Katie. Once it's been assigned, Katie can update Joe's last name to Smith instead of Smith 508.

Do they have to text their name? Can they text a promotional code instead?

You can have them text pretty much anything you want. Eg, you could have them text "Freebird 2022". This would create a lead with the first name "Freebird" and last name "2022". Once the lead gets created, have staff start to interact with them via text. When they get the person's real name, update it in their contact profile.