Drive V2.49.0 - Apr 21 2022

Drive Version 2.49.0 was released Apr 21, 2022

Most of the items in this release are behind the scenes updates to improve overall application speed and performance. The UI facing items included are below.



  • Add Lead: The Add Lead button will now go straight into the New Lead modal. This eliminates a step for adding any non-Referral or TI lead while keeping the number of steps for adding a Referral or TI the same. To add a Referral or TI, simply select the Contact Method of Member Referral, Lead Referral or Telephone Inquiry in the New Lead page.
  • Goal Setting: A warning message is now displayed if the user tries to leave the page with unsaved changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to Save Referral Lead: This release corrects an issue in the New Lead modal where sometimes a user is unable to save a Member Referral or Lead Referral without having to close and re-open the modal.