Drive V2.50.0 - May 09 2022

Drive Version 2.50.0 was released May 09, 2022


  • Contact detail entry improvement: Adding or editing contact details in the contact profile modal removes the saving of each field individually. Instead, selecting the Contact section will open in Edit mode and adds a Cancel and Save button at the bottom allowing the user to more quickly enter information. The page also adds First Name and Last Name fields to edit names on the same page. (Note: Users can still click on the name in the top left to edit as well).
    contact details
  • Allow Communications access without requiring Admin access
    • Similar to FollowUp, users with Full or Read-Only permissions to Communications will no longer require Admin tab access. This allows staff to now be able to see and read drip content, or for various staff to edit club communication content, without also giving access to edit staff, contact properties, etc. 
    • Reminder: Administrators can adjust the ability to view or edit club Communications (as well as the ability to edit or hide Templates) under Admin > Roles & Permissions. The setting is labeled Communications.
      Communications permission setting

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue where various No Show Tasks were missing Action buttons