Drive V2.53.0 - Jul 14 2022

Drive Version 2.53.0 was released on Jul 14, 2022

Home layout updates

  • The number of Incoming and Kiosk leads shown in the top of the Home Page instead now shows the actual Incoming and Kiosk Queues to improve the visibility of new leads and kiosk check-ins. The Incoming Leads and Kiosk queues will still be side-by-side as screen space allows, but will stack on top of one another for smaller screens under roughly 15".
  • The logged in user's Leads Added and Sales Goals have been added to provide sales reps a quick and easy glance at their current numbers compared to monthly goals. Learn how to set Sales Goals here.
  • My Added Leads and My Sold Leads have been updated to include Membership Leads* only. The number shown is for the current month to date.
  • The All Added Leads and Sold Leads KPIs have also been removed* from Home to allow the addition of My Goals
    • * All Added and All Sold Leads can still be found quickly under Reports > Live Club Data for Today, Yesterday and MTD. For Added Leads, use the Opportunities Added number and for Sold Leads, use the Total Sales number. For Incoming and New Kiosk leads numbers or for a different date range, use Live Reports or go under Contacts using the desired filters for date ranges and staff. Expected soon in a future release is a new reporting dashboard for even faster viewing of key KPI numbers.


Date selections are now under Filters

The Filters will now manage all views, including Date Ranges so that all filtering can be accessed in one place. Select the desired date range from one of many new quick options in the dropdown list, or select Custom at the bottom of the list to use a specific start and end date. Select Apply to load your new data view.


Filter styling updates

Filter styles have been changed to dropdown lists for both a cleaner appearance and making it easier to find the desired options

Filter dropdowns